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The software tools we currently have at our disposal offer great opportunities for digital collaboration… but how do we use them?

The services offered by ihop in the context of the digital workplace are: consulting, training and coaching.


is about…

  • assist in selecting the appropriate software for the current business need
  • plan training and coaching moments for the staff to participate (live and online).
    See also next points Training and Consulting
  • supporting organisations to transition to a more powerful use of digital tools
  • supporting organisations to become stronger themselves in adopting new technologies, today and tomorrow…

Note: See also the maturity model described in our book “Voorbij Het Nieuwe Werken, een dialoogboek”.

Let’s get this work, this change done.

When you are interested to get consulting support, do reach out to me and we can have an interesting conversation no doubt 🙂

Training and coaching

Many people can use software without training. No doubt.
Will they use all features in an optimal fashion? Not likely (unless they invest a lot of time in self study).
Will a team use it in a coherent way? Probably not.
That is way you need training or coaching

ihop provides training (both classroom based and 100% online or mixed) on tools by three different vendors:

  1. Microsoft: we are experts in the use of OneNote, and we become more and more proficient in the use of the other Office 365 tools such as Teams and Planner. And yes, we have heard of Kaizala and will incorporate it in our training portfolio.
  2. Atlassian: we appreciate very well the power of creating an in house wiki with Confluence and we deliver training in an appropriate use of this tool on a regular basis since two of my clients are heavy users of this product…
    Are you interested to compare Confluence with OneNote, or would you like to be trained in this tool, let me know, happy to talk about this…
  3. And then there is Plek… Have you heard of them? This creation of an interesting Dutch company has a special role it can play as an employee social network (ESN) for small and mid size companies who for instance prefer not to use a Microsoft product for this.

Next to this tools training, I have also developed a new training based on the request of one of my customers, and I love it… It is about … running efficient online meetings… We meet more and more online, that’s a good thing for the environment and for ourselves, but are we doing them in the optimal format? That is what this training is about…

Training is a much underestimated element in a digital transformation.
Let’s not make that mistake and include it into the approach!
Contact me for detailed information about the approach or for pricing information.

And coaching is training on an individual level. Do you have a question or a concern about using software tools to take digital notes, or to collaborate with your team members? Then individual coaching can be the answer. It is one-on-one, so it will be super tailored to fit your exact needs. In “price per hour”, it may be just a little bit more expensive than attending a course where you are part of larger group, but we will be able to move faster, and hence spend less time to cover the topics that are of interest to you.
Moreover: we can do this coaching live (on site with you) but we can even better do this extremely powerful and efficient via an online conversation were we can share audio, video but most importantly screen sharing to learn all the features you need. This saves travel time for us both and limits the cost of the coaching.
So coaching is a big time and money saver

So do you have a question about online or on site coaching: contact me and let’s talk about it!



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