Excellent speakers in the morning

this morning I had the pleasure to listen to two excellent speakers.

First Peter Hinissen talking about how companies who use the power of the network well, can be disruptive for an entire industry.  A great introduction for his book: The network always wins.


The second talk was by Lee Bryant of Postshift (@leebryant). He did an excellent job in explaining how every company can apply a step by step approach to implement social technology.

Now Joachim Heinz of Bosh is up to tell his story on bringing Bosh into the Enterprise 2.0 world.



First day of HR Tech

Today is the first day of HR Tech. It promises to be great, especially the social collaboration track. Also curious about the speech by Peter  Hinissen in a few minutes: the network always wins…

New website

Dear visitor,

I am so proud to welcome you on my new website.

We have created the company ihop this month, and this blog was set up on March 20th to facilitate the conversation with you all. You can read the key information on the ihop company on our Home page, and please feel free to add a comment, or contact us via email: info at ihop dot be.