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Welcome at our site!

If you seek help about digital collaboration (in a sustainable way), you have come to the right place. ihop offers advice and training about digital collaboration.

My name is Bart Van Roey, and I am the founder of ihop. I look forward to meet you (in the digital or in the analogue world or both), to learn from you what your issues are in the digital world, and to find out how we can work together to create something beautiful.
As a first step: you can write a short mail to info at ihop dot be.
You can also find us on Twitter: @ihop_be is our (Dutch) company account, at @bartvanroey I tweet and follow in English.

Enjoy the site, and please: do reach out if you feel that we can help you.
Learning to use the digital power is not easy. But together we can do this.

ihop op VOV Beurs 2019

Deze week is het weer een belangrijke week voor wat leeft in HR landschap, want ‘t is VOV beurs… We zullen er zijn om de papieren versie van ons boek aan te kondigen. Die versie is niet klaar geraakt voor de beurs, maar komt er wel begin 2020… Een mooi jaar om iets te publiceren… :-)

Maar dus moest jij ook naar de beurs gaan: we kijken er naar uit om je te ontmoeten. Eventueel kunnen we via de conversation starter een verzoek indienen?

Kom zeker ook meepraten over dit, toch wel boeiende onderwerp:
“Leren in een context van Remote werk: wat verandert er?”
(en “veel” is geen goed antwoord). Dus kom langs om 15u in White box 5 in het midden van de zaal, recht tegenover onze stand eigenlijk…

Hier kan je me doorheen de dag vinden:

FutureofworkBE op de VOV beurs

We vermelden hier het collectief #futureofworkBE want we zijn er zowel voor ihop als voor ons boek over Het Nieuwe Werken in België. Meer over dat laatste op www.futureofworkBE.org.

Doorheen de dag kan je volgen wat er gebeurt via onze hashtag op Twitter: #futureofworkBE.

Two great conferences on digital collaboration, one you can still attend…

Conferences are such a great opportunity. An opportunity to focus on one topic an entire day. To learn from people preaching what they have learned on that topic. To meet people who have similar challenges as you, and may even have solved some of them…

On the topic of digital transformation and intranets, there are two conferences I try to attend each year.

The first is Congres Intranet in Utrecht that I have attended since 2015. Each year a new focus, new companies, new topics, always at the forefront of the evolution in the field.
This time I was for instance impressed by the talk of James Robertson about How to deliver simplicity in the digital workplace, and I agree with his statement on the importance of understanding the needs of the workforce. You can find his presentation on SharePoint.

But … this conference was in March and it is over in the Netherlands… so you’ll have to wait til next year and drive (take the train) all the way to Utrecht?

No, there is good news… we have a Belgian counterpart for this event, and that is taking place later this month: the 2nd Brussels Intranet & Digital Workplace Conference on May 23rd… and you are more than welcome to join! I even have a discount code for you… :-)

But first let me give you 7 reasons why I believe it’s a good idea to join us in Brussels.

  1. Both the topic and the format are spot on. Keynote presentations, interactive workshops and opportunities to network and meet great new contacts.
  2. Speakers selected this year are even better (if possible) then last year. I can tell you this because (A) I know about half the listed speakers personally and (B) I am one of them. I’m very honored to have the opportunity to talk about the roots of the digital workplace. Because as in many disciplines: in digital transformation we need to look towards the future, but we also need to have enough understanding of the past to apply lessons learned…
    To name the other speakers I know best: I have worked with Oscar Berg in the past and I appreciate his books, so I look forward to his opening keynote. The first case study is also promising: I know Inge Van Wegens very well and I’m interested to listen to her case on the shift to a digital strategy. I also look forward to Geert Nijs talking about aligning learning with the new digital workplace. In the afternoon I will have a hard time choosing between two great workshops: Oscar Berg on Employee Experience (#DEX) and Isabel De Clercq on Social collaboration.. Not yet sure which one I will pick… and then there will be Hans Vandenberghe‘s talk about his work at Mediahuis…
  3. The organizer, Guy Van Leemput is a very open and cool person to meet. You could also ask him about his Belgian Intranet groups: they are an interesting source of inspiration for all people working on their own intranets and digital workplaces in Belgium.
  4. The venue is ideally located: centre of Brussels, close to the Brussel North train station.
  5. The price is right, but I will come back to that at the end.
  6. You’ll get to meet me
    I hope that could also be a motivator for you… :-)
    Maybe we have met in the past, then I look forward meeting you again.
    If not, then I look forward to meet you for the first time…

So, check out the full list of speaker and the entire program at the site of ValueIntranet.

In case you are interested to learn new insights on digital workplace and intranet implementation approaches, do use this link to order at Eventbrite since it uses the  “ihop” discount code. That will entitle you to a 10% discount, value of 49 euro… (which brings the price to 441 euro VAT included instead of 490 euro).

See you there?

We’ve updated our services page…

I have to admit: It was a bit overdue… The previous update on our “Services offered” page was done in … 2015…
ihop has evolved since then, and now this page reflects that.

The core business, and sole focus of ihop is sustainable digital collaboration, and the services we provide are consulting, training and coaching. Such a strong combination. I enjoy it every day.

Could this be of interest to you? Then check out the services page, or contact me right away. It will be the first step in an interesting conversation…

In the meantime, I wish you all the best in tackling the opportunities and challenges the world puts on your path!
We can walk part of it together!

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