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Welcome at ihop.be.

The aim of ihop, is to assist companies (small and large) with the implementation of collaborative technology. ihop will follow a path, together with the client, towards a more powerful collaboration, not only in the teams of the organisation, but also across the entire company (cross department), and even with their customers and suppliers. All these people can work together in a more efficient way than today. And that is the “extra” that ihop will provide. This extra is required for companies to allow “the new way of working”, to be competitive in the digital age, and to be attractive for the employees of today.

This means that “together” is a crucial word for this new company. That is why we choose ihop as a name for our company. ihop means together in Swedish. We also love the sound of the word. It active, positive, ambitious, fun. And so are we. :-)

So my name is Bart Van Roey, and I am the founder and manager of ihop. Have a look at the About page if you like to know a bit more about me.

I look forward meeting you, and find out how we can work together to create something beautiful. Please do write a short mail to info at ihop dot be. By the way, you can also find me on Twitter: @bartvanroey is my personal (English) account. I also tweet in Dutch in the name of the company at @ihop_be.


Report on online events during HR Xpo

During the last HR Xpo event in Brussels, ihop organized two online events with leading consultants in the domain of digital transformation. Herewith the report.

About HR Xpo, and adding a digital level to it

It was for my company the first time ever to be present on a trade show. We had a nice booth in the exhibition hall.
The tagline we used during the event was: “Are you ready to say goodbye to paper”, since the idea behind ihop is to assist companies in optimizing their digital workplace.

Bart op HR XpoBut of course, a key element in that digital workplace, is about meeting people online, and having meaningful interactions via tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts, so why not adding some digital in the mix?

That’s why we organized two online “digital events” during the trade fair. In this report I will cover the content of the events, but also all the tools that were used to make these events possible.

Read the full articleLees het volledige artikel

Aankondiging: OneNote training via Kluwer

Dit jaar heb ik al bijna 100 mensen geïntroduceerd in deze fantastische (gratis) tool: Microsoft OneNote. Ja, natuurlijk heb ik ooit nog MS Word gebruikt, en sinds mijn eerste iPad was ik een grote fan van Evernote. Maar dan kwam ik begin 2014 OneNote tegen… en nu doe ik alles onmiddellijk en uitsluitend in OneNote.

Natuurlijk nota nemen tijdens vergaderingen (online en live), maar ook mijn todo’s bijhouden, blogposts schrijven enz. Zelfs mijn offertes verwerk ik helemaal vanuit OneNote, want dat is ook een samenwerking met de (toekomstige) klant, en ik ken geen betere tool om samen te werken. Ken jij iets dat beter is? Laat het me weten, ik ben benieuwd. Voor mij heeft OneNote het mogelijk gemaakt dat ik niets meer op papier moet doen. Eindelijk :-)

Wil jij graag starten met OneNote? Wil je dat vervelende papieren schriftje achterwege laten, want je kan er niets uit delen, niet in zoeken enz? Dan is deze opleiding zeker iets voor jou: op donderdag 15 september geef ik een introductie training over OneNote. Deze opleiding wordt georganiseerd door Wolters Kluwer en je leert er de vijf “key skills” : noteren, verzamelen, zoeken, delen en … sneltoetsen gebruiken… Na deze training ben je nog geen OneNote pro, maar heb je een uitstekende start om het efficiënt te gaan gebruiken.

Schrijf je nu in via de website van Kluwer. Noot: de opleiding kost 250 euro per persoon. Eventueel kan je gebruik maken van de KMO portefeuille.

Start to OneNote 16 sept 2016

Als je graag een opleiding op maat hebt over OneNote (individueel of in groep, live of online) bel me dan even: 0468 266 123.

HR Xpo minus one day: practical information about attending the expo

Tomorrow will be the first day of HR Xpo. For ihop a big day, since it is the very first time we will be at an event as exhibitors. Today, we will go the the event location to start setting up our booth (J) and test the ADSL line we’ve leased to support the two online events we will be hosting.

On a practical topic: how to get to the physical event HR Xpo and our booth:

  1. Free registration for HR Xpo live via ihop via this link. This is mandatory!
  2. Driving to Brussels Kart: GPS info: “Alfons Gossetlaan 11 1702 Dilbeek”
    It is only 1 km from the crossing at Groot-Bijgaarden of E40 (Gent) and R0 (ring around Brussels).  Take direction Brussels and then first exit right.

Route to HR Xpo Gossetlaan

2. Walking to booth J of ihop, or, Wednesday at 1: directly at the start of the fair, to break out room 4:

ihop at HR Xpo 2016

See you there!

Tomorrow I will post practical information about attending the online events Wednesday (via Skype) and Thursday (via Google Hangouts).

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