Services offered

ihop provides services in two related domains: the digital workplace , and more generaly also HR IT.

Social collaboration: the digital workplace

Social collaboration is about using all available ICT tools, create the processes and facilitate the appropriate culture to support an efficient collaboration between all members of a team, all departments in a company, or even multiple companies in their client-supplier relationship.

It has been Bart’s passion for life to see how a group can be well or ill supported by the ICT in use. He has worked using networked collaboration all his professional career, has attended several conferences on the topic, and has designed a couple of digital workplaces.

The services offered by ihop in the context of the digital workplace are:

  1. Assessment of the current situation on three levels:
    1. which tools are currently in use (e.g. how are documents shared, is there a wiki in place, is there a task management tool etc)
    2. which processes are build on these tools?
    3. is the current company culture adequate to enable the full use of the current digital workplace?
  2. Evaluate the gap between the current and the desired situation, and determine the priorities together with management and the employees;
  3. Selecting the actions to achieve the target situation: can be a combination of:
    1. change management to obtain a more appropriate company culture (this may be done in collaboration with other providers, specialized in organisational change)
    2. business process re-engineering
    3. selection and implementation of missing tools
  4. Follow up on the realization of the results.



HR IT is about supporting the classic HR functions (administration, training & learning, performance etc) with appropriate software. In most cases the software is located allowing employees and managers to access a cloud based system.

Bart has 22 years of experience in IT projects, of which more than 8 years in HR IT projects: as business analyst / project manager working for three different providers (Mertilio, Progreso and Microsoft Dynamics AX).
This experience is used to provide the following services, grouped based on the project phase:

During product selection

  1. Assist in the clear definition of the needs for HR IT, resulting in a solid RFP;
  2. Review the offers made by the providers, create of the short list and participate in the product demonstrations;
  3. Assist in the selection of the provider
  4. Help to define the road map and the project plan;
  5. Consult the project team (client and provider) on collaboration tools and process (e.g. scrum using Jira or MS TFS);

During the implementation 

  1. Support the project manager in his/her duties;
  2. Play the role of project manager or HR business analyst if required;
  3. Assist client in the testing process and/or execute the end user testing;
  4. Create an adequate documentation environment (e.g. Microsoft OneNote);
  5. Write the documentation;
  6. Give the end use training or train the trainer




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