Today was a (yet another) great day for

Today I was one of the speakers on the international OneNote conference, organized by Jared DeCamp. My topic was OneNote in business, and more in detail OneNote as part of a digital workplace where you use it in combination with Outlook, Microsoft Groups, SharePoint etc, and this both on a business strategy level and on a hands on level (how to create hyperlinks for instance).

This was not a “normal” conference where speakers and participants need to travel etc. This is a 100% online conference. And guess what: more than 4.000 people are attending this conference. Each pin on the map below is a person who attends the conference, and who took the time to pin his flag on the map. Isn’t that cool.


The conference is not over yet by the way, and you can still join. Just go to and register all the way at the bottom. From there on you will receive emails with links to the videos that are prepared by the speakers. Each video is about 20 to 30 minutes. So that is similar to the TED conferences I love so much. Viewing the videos is free during the conference. When it’s over, you can get access, but then there will be a fee. In this it resembles the #DW24 conference which last run in 2015 I believe.

So cool to be part of such a powerful OneNote community.

Congratulations and thanks to @JaredDeCamp for making this possible…

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