Site visit at HR Xpo by Oscar Berg

In a blogpost earlier this week I announced that an international guest will join us next week at the breakout session during HR Xpo. I’ve updated that post with the name of the speaker.

Oscar BergIn addition to the breakout event (where I have a meeting room at HR Xpo, and an online call via Skype), there will be a second event, now on Thursday at 5 PM at the ihop booth. It is nobody less than Oscar Berg, the Swedish author of the book “Collaborating in a Social Era” who will pay us a visit, this time using Google Hangouts as a platform.

We will talk about the role of HR in this move to the digital workplace. There is a critical role for HR, but how should they play it? What are the steps to take?

CollaboratinginaSocialEraAs to his book: you can download the first chapter for free from his site, but when you order the book via the site of the publisher, you can get a 30% discount when you order using the coupon code “ihop”.


Do join Oscar and me either at the booth in HR Xpo, or in the Google Hangout. To do this, just submit your information below and I will invite you to the meeting.

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For a *free* entrance to the HR Xpo itself (Groot-Bijgaarden): you just need to register on the HR Xpo site.

More information on the event:

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