Fascinating times for ihop.be: new training on OneNote and a newsletter

Week after week, month after month, running ihop.be is such a great experience. I get to work with super partners and clients, attend very very interesting events, read fascination stuff, participate and help grow groups that can contribute to a better workplace, to better organisations, and why not, to a better world. I am so gratefull.

This weeks highlights are a new training and a new newsletter.
The training I’m setting up is “Start to OneNote”. First edition tomorrow evening in Mechelen. I will be training new users of OneNote the four basis actions you need to master to get benefit from this great digital note taking tool. I’ve been doing this training a number of times online (Skype, to one to four participants), but now it’s a group of 16 people in a classroom setting.
Want to know more, or receive a training or demo? Send me an email, leave a comment below, or connect on Twitter: @ihop_be (Nederlands) or @bartvanroey (English)

The newsletter I am going to send out by the end of the week, is the first issue of “Nieuwsbrief Digitale Werkplek” (Nederlands). Would you like to receive this? Enter your email in the box on the right and click “Subscribe”.

Also next week some new events in the pipeline, but that’s for another post… 🙂

Warm greetings, Bart

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