Excellent event on the Digital Workplace

Kluwer has recently launched the website for its upcoming event on the Digital Workplace. This event will take place on December 8th in Antwerp, and I expect it will be the most interesting Belgian event on this topic this year.

Kluwer Digital Workplace Event

The opening key note is by Dion Hinchcliffe, together with Kluwers Isabel De Clercq, on the digital transformation that will enable organisations to fully empower the employees to work efficiently together. And we all want that!
I have been following Dion on Twitter for some time now, and I look forward to listen him live. I have met Isabel at a Microsoft event last year, and I am a fan of her work in the Lighthouse Yammer group on NWOW in Flanders (Dutch).

The closing talk will be by John Stepper, who recently published the book “Working out loud“. I’m curious to learn about what he calls Working out loud circles. It is great to see all this progress towards a more sharing, collaborating way of work.

And these are  the other talks. You will notice that some talks will be in Dutch (even some that have English titles). Sorry about that 😉

  • Michael Mingers: “How Atos reduced internal email by more than 80%”
  • Sacha Verveccken: “Het digital maken van uw businessprocessen. De doos van Pandora?” Case Janssen EMEA.
  • Jan Camelbeek: “Disruptie of continuïteit? HR: deze technologieën houdt u beter in het oog.”.
  • Bart Buysse: “Digitalisering: geen bedreiging maar een opportuniteit.”
  • Geert Nijs en Nele Vandenbussche: “Kennisdelen. Het wérkt”. Case KBC.
  • Filip Callewaert: Social? Werkt alleen als het ingebed is in de werkprocessen. Case Havenbedrijf Antwerpen.
  • Erwin Buggenhout: “Turn your organization’s workplace inside-out by looking from the outside in.” Case Invenso.

On top of this, there will be two client cases: one by Microsoft (on Yammer), and one by IBM (on IBM connections).

It will be a great day, because on stage will be international thought leaders, as well as Belgian professionals who can talk from their experience inside some highly relevant companies.

For all information and registration see If you want to participate, decide fast, because there is only a limited number of seats available! I have already booked mine :-), so maybe see you there…

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